How Credit Cards Calculate Minimum Payment

Credit card minimum monthly payments are a black box, and only a small number of people understand how finance institutions arrive at this amount. To make sense of personal finance, it is extremely important to understand how banks calculate the monthly payment and charge interest rates. In this article, we will reveal the minimum payment […]

Essential Steps to Building Your Credit History

If you ever wondered, why the interest for your new mortgage was higher than you anticipated or if you ever were declined in getting one at all – that would mean its time for a refresher course in understanding  the complicated and mysterious ways if managing your credit history. Finding yourself under these circumstances, where […]

Three Ways to Pay Off Mortgage

According to statistics, more than 63% of homeowners, or 48 million people, have mortgages. With a total outstanding 1st quarter of 2019 mortgage debt of $10.4 trillion nationwide, this is the biggest threat to the housing market since the 2008 housing crisis and the snowball keeps growing. There are a number of reasons for that […]

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