Most frequent questions and answers

Connect to Maiven app using your Google account. Then, link your bank accounts to the app by authenticating with the bank’s login and password. After that, review the challenges we created for you, based on the analysis of your transactions; accept the challenges and play with us for 30 days! Finally, win the challenges and get rewarded.

Spend less than the budget per each category accepted

We recommend that you connect all your existing accounts: checking, savings, credit cards, loans. This will give you the full picture of your finances and us – the opportunity to come up with the most appropriate challenges for you.

Yes! We use Plaid to connect to your bank accounts so we never see, alter or store your login credentials. For your transaction history, we maintain state-of-the-art technical measures in order to ensure your personal data is safe with us.

Great catch! We love fixing the issues. Feel free to update your transaction categories as you see fit, and our app will remember for the future.

All the challenges in the first 30 days are free. After that, any challenge you win will remain free, while we’ll start charging $2.99 for every challenge lost

We’re not perfect, but we are learning! Please send us an email with details to , and we’ll fix the bugs in a jiffy.
Please email us at . The more questions you have, the more clarifications we can provide so do not hold back!
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